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What about cooling performance in Low ambient temperatures?

The climate class of the RM fridge is also affected by low ambient temperatures. When the ambient temperature falls below 10°C the fridge will struggle to produce sufficient heat to
work efficiently. To keep the fridge working effectively winter covers can be used to restrict
the airflow, check your operating manual for details on how many winter covers are required
for your fridge. On occasion it may be necessary to apply the lower winter cover when the temperature is warmer but a cold wind is present blowing in the lower fridge vent.
Likewise, on a cold day when the sun is warm on the side of the vehicle it may be necessary to remove the winter cover. To identify your winter covers please see our winter vent guide

Some details on this kit can be found in the accessories section.

To find the correct winter covers, measure the inner frame of your fridge grill on the side
of your vehicle. Use the measurements marked in blue in this guide to pick your winter cover

  • LS 100 - 371 mm x 130.5 mm
  • LS 200 - 442.5 mm x 130.5 mm
  • LS 230 - 353.6 mm x 303.6 mm
  • LS 300 - 482 mm x 223 mm
  • LS 330 - 401.5 mm x 223 mm
  • LS 500 - Use LS200 2 covers per grill

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