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Dometic Oceanair Skyview
Hybrid venetian and roller blind for windows

Skyview offers the functionality and tilt control of a venetian blind with the simplicity of a roller blind. The blind can be completely stowed out of sight onto a single roller. When deployed it ensures privacy and heat protection. The open tilt allows for perfect views and light control.
  • Pristine views
    with open tilt
  • Room darkening
    With closed tilt
  • Powered operation
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Dometic Oceanair Skyview
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    • Open tilt for perfect views
    • Closed tilt for privacy and light control
    • Powered operation available with 12 V DC, 24 V DC or mains motors
    • Hand held remote, wall switch or integration into the control system
    • Available with guide wire control for more secure deployment
    • Soft, subtle finish with a contemporary style

Why Skyview?

Skyview blinds are as practical as they are beautiful. Tilting horizontal vanes of soft polyester are suspended between two sheer fabric facings offering light diffusion and privacy wihout spoiling the view.

  • Offering day privacy and light softening when the blind is at open tilt and night time privacy and near black out when tilted
  • Optional guide wire system to prevent swinging when under way
  • Choice of subtle fabric shades to enhance interior style
  • Manual or powered operation
  • Ideal solution for saloon windows where privacy and day light are required
  • Sheer fabric reduces glare
Why Skyview?

Blinds that won't spoil the view

Avoid missing out on stunning views thanks to the Dometic Oceanair Skyview. With a stylish, contemporary design, Skyview can be controlled by cord, chain or powered operation. Our powered Skyview is available with 12 V DC, 24 VDC or mains power motors. The convenient powered control options enable easy operation of your blinds at the touch of a button. Available with guide wire control to securely hold the blinds taught.


SKU-nummer 9600023471 
Modell SVO 
Produktbeskrivelse Hybrid venetian and roller blind for windows