Kampa Dometic Lusso Milano Chair - Pro Black
Reclining chair

The Milano range features a SoftMesh™ fabric that makes them extremely comfortable, easy to dry and practical. With 7 backrest positions, the Lusso Milano is suitable for use at a table and for lounging in.
  • Poleret aluminium
  • SoftMesh™-stof
  • 7 ryglænspositioner
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Kampa Dometic Lusso Milano Chair - Pro Black
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    • Poleret aluminiumsramme
    • SoftMesh™-stof
    • 7 ryglænspositioner


SKU-nummer 9120000486 
Model Milano 
Model på mærkat FT0368 
Leveringsomfang 1 chair 
Produktbeskrivelse Reclining chair 
Mål for produktdybde 720 mm
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Mål for produktbredde 595 mm
Nettovægt 4.56 kg
EAN-13 5060646164288 
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Pakkevægt 19.70 kg