Twin eyes

Dometic PerfectView CAM 44W NAV
Twin camera with shutter, white, 140° diagonal

Two camera eyes make driving, overtaking and parking much safer. The smallest twin camera available on the market gives you unprecedented comfort and safety. Its wide-angle lens covers the close-range area behind the vehicle when reversing. The telefunction provides a comfortable long-range view far beyond the vehicle when driving forward. Supplied with an adapter for connection to your navigation monitor.
  • Two camera lenses for ultimate safety
  • 150° picture angle in close range
  • 83° telefunction in long range
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Two separate lenses
Two separate lenses

Combined in a compact housing, the smallest of its kind available in the market

Dometic PerfectView CAM 44W NAV
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    • Two camera lenses make manoeuvring and parking much safer
    • 140° picture angle in close range for safe reversing
    • 50° telefunction for long range vision far beyond the vehicle rear when driving forward
    • Includes an adapter for connection to navigation devices
    • Motor-operated cover protects the reversing lens against dirt and damage
    • Electronic brightness adjustment for consistently good image quality
    • LED support for high-contrast images at night

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Superior technology: the Dometic PerfectView CAM 44W incorporates two lenses for close and long-range vision to make parking, driving and overtaking safer. Unlike competitor systems that use a (distorting) wide-angle lens in long-range mode, the CAM 44W features two separate camera modules. The 50° lens provides long-range vision when driving forward, a 140° wide-angle lens gives you more safety when reversing. The use of separate lenses ensures excellent image quality in both modes while electronic brightness adjustment and LED support guarantee this image quality in all light conditions. You can easily connect the CAM 44W to your navigation display – a matching adapter is included in the set.


SKU-Nummer 9600000141 
Modell CAM44 
Product Description Twin camera with shutter, white, 140° diagonal  
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