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Dometic Fan Coil TWIN
Tempered Water Fan Coil 12,000 BTU, with 3 way valve and electric heat

This tempered water air handler both heats and cools air. With a three-way valve for improved temperature control and convenient plug and play electrical connections for easy installation.
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Herausnehmbarer und abwaschbarer Filter

Dieser hochwertige herausnehmbare und abwaschbare Filter schützt die Wasserspule Ihres Luftverteilers über viele Jahre

Rostfreie Ablaufwanne

Die Ablaufwanne für Kondenswasser mit positiver Flussrichtung führt die Feuchtigkeit über zwei Abflussöffnungen ab und reduziert das Risiko von Feuchteschäden

Sofort einsatzbereite Verbinder

Dank dieses praktischen Features können Stromverbindungen auch von nicht fachkundigen Personen installiert werden

Dometic Fan Coil TWIN
...and more
    • Twin rotatable high-pressure fans for effective air distribution
    • Compact design allows installation in tight spaces
    • High quality EBM blower reduces noise
    • Three-way water valve temperature control
    • Can be used with simple mechanical controls or advanced digital thermostats
    • Easy maintenance with nearly all components internally accessible
    • Electric heater ideal for use in cooler conditions

Superior air distribution

The fan-coil TWIN 12 uses dual high-pressure centrifugal fans to ensure superior air distribution. Rather than using one larger duct the twin uses two smaller ducts, one for each ventilator. This allows the installer to use more than one supply grill thus improving the cooling coverage of the fan coil and the effectiveness of the unit. A second and often more important feature is that the twin ventilator's low-profile water coil allows this unit to be installed in an area with little head room. Plug and Play electronic connections make installation easy, while the electric heater ensures year-round comfort!


SKU-Nummer 9107510044 
Modell Fan Coil TWIN 
Product Description Tempered Water Fan Coil 12,000 BTU, with 3 way valve and electric heat