Dometic PML500
Water Pump, 115V - 6 GPM

Provides a steady flow of cooling water through your marine air conditioning system. A wide range of pumps and motors are available for use in different power environments.
  • Hohe Kapazität
  • Einfache Bedienung mit nur einer Taste
  • Salzwassergeeignet
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Luftgekühlte Dometik Pumpe mit Salzwasserzirkulation für Dometic Klimaanlagen. Dank des bewährten Laufrads mit Magnetantrieb ist keine lästige Gleitringdichtung erforderlich. Kein Dichtungsverschleiß, kein Energieverlust durch Reibung, keine Lecks in den Dichtungen. Bei Impeller- und Antriebsmagneten handelt es sich um starke Keramikmagnete, die das Rutschen verhindern und die gesamte Motorkraft in Pumpleistung umwandeln.

Robust and reliable centrifugal pump

The Dometic PML500-115V heavy-duty centrifugal pump provides a steady flow of cooling water through the air conditioning system: ensuring a top cooling performance. The glass-reinforced polypropylene head pump has magnetic drive impellers, and is available with submersible or air-cooled motors. Centrifugal pumps must be mounted below the water line. Self-priming pumps are also available for above-water-line applications. A scoop type through-hull and a seawater strainer are recommended for proper operation. When more than one air conditioning unit is served by a single pump, a separate pump relay is used. To complete the installation, Dometic can also supply water manifolds, hose, and fittings. Larger pumps have bronze heads with mechanical seals, and air-cooled, drip-proof motors. Ensure your onboard comfort.


SKU-Nummer 9108549747 
Kurze Beschreibung PUMP ASY PML500 115/50-60/1 
Modell Pumps DX P800 PMA1000 
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Abmessungen Produktbreite 142 mm
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