Storage kit for 10-series absorption refrigerators

Make the best use of cooling space in your Dometic absorption refrigerator with this practical storage kit. It includes everything you need for organizing contents: stackable trays for big and small items, plus a set of holders to keep the items in place, an egg shelf and an ice cube tray.
  • Space-saving
    Stackable trays
  • Contents secured in position
  • Convenient
    Ice cube removal
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    • Space-saving food storage with stackable trays in two heights
    • Tray holders keep the stacks securely in place during the journey
    • Ice cube tray with sliding lid for easy removal of the required amount
    • Egg shelf for six eggs

Your fridge storage miracle

Do you want to make the best possible use of the cooling space in your Dometic absorption refrigerator? Then this practical storage kit is a must-have for you. The Dometic REF-STOKIT has stackable trays in two different heights for well-organized storage of cheese, meat and leftovers. Practical holders to be fastened on the fridge shelf keep the stacks (or other packages) firmly in place during the journey. The set also includes an egg shelf for up to six eggs, and an ice cube tray with a sliding lid for easy removal of as many cubes as you need.


SKU-Nummer 9600006299 
Modell Refrigerator Storage Kit 
Modell auf Typenschild STORAGE KIT  
Lieferumfang 6 high pile racks, 6 low pile racks, 1 egg tray, 1 ice-tray with lid, 4 product holders packed into 1 carton 
Product Description Storage kit for 10-series absorption refrigerators 
EAN-13 4014742229144 
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