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Get ready for camping season 2024 with our early bird offers! Valid until 30.04.2024

Our Top Sellers... Now With Early Bird Discounts

Are you busy getting your motorhome, caravan or campervan ready for the next season? We have put together some Dometic topsellers for you ... all products that we believe will give you a new level of comfort and independence on the go.

Draw inspiration from our Spring 2024 collection, and benefit from our Early Bird conditions!


Save up to 369 €

FJX roof air conditioners and ACC3100 roof ventilator

Do you want to upgrade your motor home or campervan with a latest generation Dometic FreshJet FJX rooftop air conditioner, or our ACC3100 roof ventilator with heat recovery system? The best time to buy is during our Early Bird Campaign.

Claim your spring discount and save up to 369 €! Please note that the special price is including installation. The offer is only valid if you buy from a dealer participating in the campaign.

*Offer prices only valid with existing roof cut-out of 40cm x 40cm

Cool design with spring discount

Dometic 10-series compressor refrigerators and NRX campervan fridge

Do you think it’s about time to swap your good old absorption refrigerator for a new one with high-performance, energyefficient compressor technology? Dometic 10-series compressor refrigerators and our new 90-liter NRX campervan fridge rank among the undisputed champions in this market segment.

Pick your favorite Dometic compressor refrigerator now, and save between 200 and 250 € during the campaign!

Dometic RCD 10.5XT

Compressor refrigerator, 177 l, TFT display, 2 double-hinged doors

2669 €  2859€ incl. VAT

Dometic RC 10.4 T 90

Compressor refrigerator, 90 l, TFT Display, black front, double-hinged door

1269 €  1469€  incl. VAT

Dometic NRX 90V

Compressor refrigerator, 90 l, black front

1199 €  1399€ Incl. VAT

Ein echtes Komfort-Upgrade

Gas-/Elektro-Kombiheizungen für Kabinenluft und Warmwasser

Stellen Sie sich einmal vor, Sie kommen nach einem aktiven Tag im Freien in Ihr mobiles Zuhause zurück. Im Fahrzeug ist es gemütlich warm, und es gibt reichlich Duschwasser für Sie und Ihre Lieben. Ihre Dometic TwinBoost Kombiheizung hat für alles gesorgt. Mit zwei separaten Gasbrennern für Kabinenluft und Warmwassertank ist sie ausgesprochen flexibel und sparsam im Energieverbrauch. Raumluft und Wasser werden ganz nach Bedarf geheizt – gleichzeitig oder unabhängig voneinander.

Gehören Sie zu den Ersten, die unsere TwinBoost Heizungen an Bord haben!


Dometic TwinBoost 8000H

Gas/electric heater for cabin air and hot water, 6000 W/1800 W

2745 €  3095€ Incl. VAT


Dometic TwinBoost 6000

Gas heater for cabin air and hot water, 6000 W

2045 €  2395€ Incl. VAT


Dometic TwinBoost 6000H

Gas/electric heater for cabin air and hot water, 4000 W/1800 W

2109 €  2459€ Incl. VAT

New for camping season

More yield from your solar system

New: MPPT solar charge controller included as standard!

All Dometic Büttner solar systems now come standard with a new, high-quality solar controller (SC330 or SC480). Featuring state-of-the-art MPPT technology, the new solar controllers ensure you will get up to 25% more yield from your solar panel.

Buy now and be among the first to benefit from our new solar charge controllers!

Up to 50% more battery capacity in a standard housing

Dometic Büttner TEMPRA TLB150

The new TEMPRA TLB150 lithium battery offers the best power-to-weight ratio in the market thanks to its high-density power cells. 50% more capacity in a standard L5 box, that means 50% more autonomy in your holidays. The TEMPRA battery can be retrofitted with ease. It connects to any charger, even one designed for conventional lead-acid batteries.

Get your new power pack now!

Dometic Büttner N-BUS

The future-proof professional solution

In future, all Dometic products will be connected in our N-BUS solution, so they can be accessed centrally via a multi-functional display, or from a smart phone. As it stands now, customers can already view the battery, the solar controller and all N-BUScompatible comfort devices. That means they can easily check, for example, the performance data of the solar panel or the charging status of the leisure battery Further components will follow before long.

Claim your early bird discount!

Do you want to be among the first to have their campers ready for the upcoming season? And maybe, with a few extras that others don‘t yet have? Welcome to the Dometic Early Bird campaign! To join us, simply contact one of our trading partners. Our dealer list shows you the ones nearest to you.

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