Dometic Oceanair Skyshade Cabinshade

Blackout roller blind for windows and hatches

The blackout properties of the Cabinshade make it perfect for small windows in the cabin, with the option of fitting it on the hatch, for a seamless look. Cabinshade is larger in profile than the Portshade model, so it can house more fabric. This makes it ideal for larger applications.
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Enjoy privacy and darkness

Our Skyshade range is available as standard with our blackout fabric. This fabric has added benefits including UV resistance, solar reflection and moisture resistance. It is also has a wipe-clean surface for added convenience.
Enjoy privacy and darkness
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Dometic Oceanair Skyshade Cabinshade
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    • Custom design available as well as standard sizes
    • Simple installation requires just two screws
    • Anti-rattle end caps
    • Range of hold downs available
    • Available in white, beige or silver
    • Suitable for curved mounting surfaces
    • Top or face fix

Giving your Cabin shade

Quick and easy to install, Dometic Oceanair Skyshade Cabinshade is a custom sized roller blind housed in a functional extrusion for hatches or windows. Also available in a wide range of standard hatch sizes, Cabinshade can be used for vertical or horizontal surfaces. This cassette roller blind is housed in a simple, functional extrusion for hatches or windows. This blind has been thoroughly tested, ensuring that it can withstand the harsh marine environment.

Giving your Cabin shade

Shade, privacy and comfort for your cabin

Specifically designed for use in marine conditions, the wipe-clean fabric is water resistant, UV resistant and solar reflective. As well as darkening the yacht interior, the blackout properties are perfect for retaining privacy on board. The Dometic Oceanair Skyshade Cabinshade also keeps heat out to maintain a comfortable temperature on the hottest of days. Suitable for mounting on curved surfaces.


SKU number 9600023418 
Model CSH 
Model on label CSH 
Product Description Blackout roller blind for windows and hatches