Dometic Oceanair Windowshade

Zip tensioned roller blind for inclined windows and sun roofs

Windowshade features unique zip control running through the blind's integrated side tracks. The zip mechanism holds the fabric taut so that there is no sag or blow-out. This makes the blind ideal for horizontal application on sun roofs or inclined windows.
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Zipped to ensure performance

Our Dometic Oceanair Windowshade features zippers in the side tracks of the blind. This ensures that the roller fabric does not blow out of the track. Instead, the blind is kept taut at all times and is lowered or raised smoothly.
Zipped to ensure performance
Dometic Oceanair Windowshade
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    • Suitable for inclines of any angle
    • Pre-assembled and ready to install
    • Powered operation available with 24 V DC or mains motors
    • Hand held remote, wall switch or integration into the control system
    • Available in white or black
    • Zipped side tracks for tensioned fabric operation
    • Choice of privacy and blackout fabrics

Why Windowshade?

Windowshade is a casette roller blind mounted in its own framework, providing the ideal shading solution for larger windows.

  • The edge of the fabric is retained within the blind's side tracks reducing light seepage and ensuring privacy
  • Air trapped between window pane and the roller fabric provides beneficial insulation and noise reduction properties
  • A discreet, efficient and robust head rail houses the roller blind fabric and operating mechanisms
  • Choice of sheer, dimout and blackout fabrics
  • Supplied preassembled and ready to install
Why Windowshade?

Reliable shade and privacy

Dometic Oceanair Windowshade is a sleek, functional and stylish roller blind which is ideal for yacht sun roofs. With its unique zip system welded along the width of the roller blind fabric, privacy and shade are maximized while light seepage and drafts are minimized. This versatile blind works at any incline angle. Windowshade can even be powered for effortless operation via a range of controls, including: hand held remote, wall switch or control system integration. Available with 24 V DC or Mains power motors. Choose from a range of privacy and blackout fabrics.


SKU number 9600023472 
Model WIS 
Model on label WIS 
Product Description Zip tensioned roller blind for inclined windows and sun roofs