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Generators: 230 V – anytime, anywhere

Travelling to remote places for work or pleasure? TEC generators ensure you will always have plenty of mains power on board – for air conditioners, home appliances or working equipment. Fitted with variable speed technology, they save fuel and make little noise. They will even recharge the vehicle battery during the journey, without you having to care about it.

  • Small footprint for flexible internal or external mounting
  • Inverter technology – 230 V ±1 % pure sign wave with total distortion maximum 1 %
  • Low unleaded petrol fuel consumption, generator RPM adjusts to the load applied at max 1.2 l/h
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • High continuous and peak output power (2600/2900 W)
  • Parallel connection to boost power to 4800 W
  • Bonded earth to neutral for RCD fitment

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