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Dometic MAX Control - Natural

Waste digester and odor eliminator, drop-in pouch (12-pack)

Dometic Max Control-Natural Holding Tank Treatment eliminates odors and effectively breaks down waste in your sanitation holding tank without the use of formaldehyde or bronopol. The fast-acting proprietary enzyme/bacteria formula enhances beneficial bacteria and will continue to work and benefit downstream systems like septic or municipal treatment facilities. A light appealing fragrance means Max Control-Natural works for portable and gravity toilets and can be used in black or gray water tanks. California compliant and approved for use throughout North America. Use 4 oz. liquid, per 40 gallon black or gray water tank treatment.

Available at selected dealersArt nr: 9620000730

Product Highlights

Environmentally beneficial
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Environmentally beneficial

The beneficial bacteria in our formula will continue to work and benefit downstream systems whether the waste is pumped into a septic or municipal treatment system. Does not use formaldehyde or bronopol

Helps control odor
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Helps control odor

Contains a highly effective odor controlling bacteria-based technology

California compliant
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California compliant

Meets California regulations and is approved for use throughout North America

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