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Dometic Optimus E-Actuator

Optimus 3000 Series inboard electric steering (for boats approx. under 40 ft.), EA3000

With industry leading expertise, Dometic developed the electric actuator to provide the fast steering response, high precision control and safety demanded by today’s inboard customers. The installation has been simplified with only four components to make up the system: electric actuator, CANtrak, harness, and electronic helm. The comfort and control you expect is accomplished with Optimus Electric Steering.

All the benefits of the electro-hydraulic Optimus system now in a fully electric package

Number of turns vary from 3.5-8.5 based on speed and application

Programmed helm resistance for high and low speed steering wheel stability

No load on the steering wheel provides effortless smooth steering

Zero free play at steering wheel – quick response

Easy setup using the CANtrak display

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Optimus Inboard

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EActuator Inboard EA3000



WARNINGCancer or Reproductive

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