Dometic TCA100

Classic rooftop tent awning

See more of the great outdoors with the Dometic TCA100 rooftop tent awning. The TCA100 is easy to setup with a Dometic rooftop tent, taking just a matter of minutes. Its durable water-resistant and UV-resistant material ensures you're well protected.

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Product Highlights

Quick setup
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Quick setup

Setup in a matter of minutes

Easy access
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Easy access

Adjustable pole made from strong yet lightweight aluminum

UV-resistant fabric
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UV-resistant fabric

UPF50+ protects against harmful UV rays and sun

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Tie down points keep the awning firmly in place

Suitable for use with Dometic rooftop tents

Compact for easy storage and transport

Can be set up in a matter of minutes

Water-resistant and UPF50+ material

Lightweight at only 2.5 kg

Strong adjustable aluminum poles

Dometic TRT120, TRT140, TCA100, TMA100 - Operating Manual APAC(en)

Operating Manual

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