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Dometic Patrol 20

Insulated ice box, 18.8 l

Bring a small icebox on your next camping or fishing trip and enjoy longer lasting ice – our 20 litre Patrol icebox keeps ice frozen for days. Its tough construction places no limits on adventure.

In StockArt nr: 9600028792 (PATR-20)

Product Highlights

Highly insulated
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Highly insulated

Keeps ice cold for days

Large drain
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Large drain

Leak proof drain for easy cleaning

Freezer seal
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Freezer seal

Deep freezer seals with thick PU insulation keeps cold air trapped inside

Easy access
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Easy access

Open with one hand thanks to convenient rubber latches

Tough design
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Tough design

One-piece rotomoulded polyethylene

Convenient dock
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Convenient dock

Multi use dock with cup holder, bottle opener and fishing rod holder

Capacity: 15 cans / 19 l

Dimensions: 37.8 cm H x 52.6 cm W x 35.6 cm D

Thick PU insulation keeps ice frozen for days

Large, leak proof drain makes cleaning easy

Deep freeze lid seal ensures no gaps for air to enter or escape

Rugged construction with one-piece rotomoulded PE

One handed rubber latches for convenient opening and closing of the lid

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Patrol 20

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Ice box,giveaway stickers

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Insulated ice box, 18.8 l, Olive

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Dometic Patrol 20, Patrol 35, Patrol 55 - Operating Manual EMEA16

Operating Manual

One ice box, hundreds of stories

One ice box, hundreds of stories

Through heat and dust, pouring rain and mud, Dometic Patrol ice boxes take it all in their stride. The robust one-piece rotomoulded polyethylene design makes the ice box tough enough for years of outdoor adventure. On hikes, rides and climbs, its dependable cool storage make the Patrol an ever present companion. Ready for the challenge, it dares you to go further because it can handle harsh treatment. And every scratch tells a story.

Keep Ice Cold For Days

Keep Ice Cold For Days

Dometic high-performance cool boxes have an extremely effective insulation system. So when fitted with ice packs or ice cubes, they can keep drinks, groceries, fish or bait fresh for days. Practical accessories like cup holders, bottle openers and fishing rod holders make them indispensable companions for campers, fishermen, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Keep it cool in the toughest conditions

Keep it cool in the toughest conditions

Every detail of the Patrol iceboxes, made from impact-resistant and seamless plastic, is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. This trusty icebox comes with strong and thick refrigeration grade foam insulation. Its unique labyrinth seal design holds cold air in, while keeping warm air out, for longer lasting ice regardless of the outside temperature and conditions. So take food, drink, bait or whatever else you need to keep cool and trust the Patrol to keep it fresh.

Every scratch tells a story

Every scratch tells a story

Our Patrol iceboxes are made for adventure. Tough and durable, the harsher the climate – the more this icebox will prove itself. The robust single piece rotomoulded polyethylene construction is designed for a long life of travelling through forests, up mountains and across seas. Places where bumps and bangs will happen – and that’s no problem. This is an icebox that is ready for rough rides. It wears scratches with pride. Why? Because every scratch tells a story.

Your icebox, your adventure

Your icebox, your adventure

Choose between Dometic Slate or Mist or any of the limited edition colours, Ocean, Olive or Mango. Every icebox comes with a pack of replaceable stickers to personalise your box. Each sticker is like a stamp in a passport, it's a memory and record of your authenticity as a lover of nature and being in the outdoors. Throw it in the back of the truck/car/4x4 and get out there.

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