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Patrol Iceboxes

One Icebox, Hundreds of Stories

Introducing Patrol

Evolved to explore, the iconic Dometic Patrol series has been extended to include new colours for the 2021 season. Choose between 20, 35 and 55 l models and pick the colour that matches the adventurer in you. All models are offered in legacy Dometic Mist and Slate colours as well as the limited edition Ocean. The two smaller models are available in limited edition colours: Olive and Mango.

Introducing Patrol Orchid Flower

Rugged and adventure ready, Patrol 20 and 35 models are now available in the eye-catching Orchid Flower colour, exclusively available online. 


An icebox with a sense of adventure

When you’re exploring the outdoors, you need to take gear that can look after itself. The last thing you need is something breaking mid-way through the trip. Our rugged Patrol iceboxes are made from a single piece of rotomoulded polyethylene. So when it’s inevitably dropped, sat on, or carelessly thrown into the back of the car – there’s no need to worry. You’ll still be enjoying fresh food and cold drinks for the rest of this trip. And the next one.

Keeps ice frozen for days

Patrol high-performance iceboxes keep ice frozen for days. Built to last trip after trip with thick PU insulated walls, a single piece rotomoulded construction, and a full-length hinge pin. More than just a box to put ice in, these iceboxes offer smart features like Patrol's leakproof drain, deep-freeze lid seal and one-hand rubber latch opening.

“This ice chest is unbelievably tough and wears every single scratch and piece of dirt with pride." - David Herzig

Your icebox, your adventure

Choose between Dometic Slate or Mist or any of the limited edition colours, Ocean, Olive or Mango. Every ice box comes with a pack of replaceable stickers to personalise your box. Each sticker is like a stamp in a passport, it's a memory and record of your authenticity as a lover of nature and being in the outdoors. Throw it in the back of the truck/car/4x4 and get out there.

Every scratch tells a story

Our Patrol boxes are made for adventure. Tough and durable, the harsher the climate – the more this ice chest will prove itself. The robust single piece rotomoulded polyethylene construction is designed for a long life of travelling through forests, up mountains and across seas. Places where bumps and bangs will happen – and that’s no problem. This is an ice chest that is ready for rough rides. It wears scratches with pride. Why? Because every scratch tells a story.

Bring fresh ingredients

Don't adventure hungry, bring your favourite food and drinks with you on your outdoor expedition. Once the cool packs or ice are placed inside, they will keep groceries, fish, bait and wild game fresh for days. The ice takes up ca 50% of storage capacity and compact ice packs a bit less.