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Dometic Patrol 55 Glow color

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Dometic Patrol: The Ultimate Icebox for Outdoor Adventures

Are you an avid outdoor enthusiast looking for a reliable and intelligent solution to keep your food and drinks fresh during your adventures? Look no further than the Dometic Patrol Icebox series. As the leading provider of innovative outdoor products, Dometic brings you a range of smart and rugged iceboxes designed to withstand even the toughest terrains and conditions.

Available in 20, 35, and 55-litre models, the Dometic Patrol series offers the perfect blend of functionality and personality. Choose from a variety of captivating colors, there's a colour in the Dometic Patrol series that matches your spirit.

An icebox with a sense of adventure

When you’re exploring the outdoors, you need to take gear that can look after itself. The last thing you need is something breaking mid-way through the trip. Our rugged Patrol iceboxes are made from a single piece of rotomoulded polyethylene. So when it’s inevitably dropped, sat on, or carelessly thrown into the back of the car – there’s no need to worry. You’ll still be enjoying fresh food and cold drinks for the rest of this trip. And the next one.

Keeps ice frozen for days

Patrol high-performance iceboxes keep ice frozen for days. Built to last trip after trip with thick PU insulated walls, a single piece rotomoulded construction, and a full-length hinge pin. More than just a box to put ice in, these iceboxes offer smart features like Patrol's leakproof drain, deep-freeze lid seal and one-hand rubber latch opening.

David Herzig holding the Dometic Patrol  ice box

“The Patrol is unbelievably tough and wears every single scratch and piece of dirt with pride."

David Herzig 

The Stories Within: Every Scratch on Your Dometic Patrol Icebox

The Stories Within: Every Scratch on Your Dometic Patrol Icebox

Dometic Patrol iceboxes are built to withstand the most challenging environments, proudly wearing the marks of your thrilling journeys. With their tough and durable single-piece rotomoulded polyethylene construction, these iceboxes embrace scratches as storytellers. Each scratch narrates a tale of epic adventures, from traversing forests and conquering mountains to conquering the seas. Let your icebox become a cherished companion that shares the narratives of your incredible outdoor escapades.

Dometic Patrol Iceboxes in Orchid Flower: Stand Out on Your Adventures

Get ready for your next outdoor adventure with the rugged and reliable Dometic Patrol iceboxes, available in 20 and 35-litre models. Now, you can make a bold statement during your travels with the exclusive Orchid Flower color, only available online. These iceboxes are specifically designed to withstand the harshest terrains and conditions, ensuring your peace of mind as you explore the great outdoors. The Orchid Flower color adds a vibrant touch of personality to these versatile models, making them the perfect choice for adventurers who want to leave a lasting impression.

Unbreakable Iceboxes: The Ruggedness of Dometic Patrol

When you're out exploring the great outdoors, you need gear that can handle any adventure. Dometic Patrol iceboxes are constructed from a single piece of rotomoulded polyethylene, making them virtually indestructible. No need to worry about accidental drops, rough handling, or being thrown into the back of your car. These iceboxes are built to endure and protect your supplies throughout your journey.

Stay Cool for Days: The Dometic Patrol Iceboxes

Experience ice-cold refreshment even in the most challenging conditions with Dometic Patrol iceboxes. Engineered with thick PU insulated walls, a single piece rotomoulded construction, and a full-length hinge pin, these iceboxes maintain the frozen state of your ice for days. They go beyond being simple boxes for ice, offering smart features such as Patrol's leakproof drain, deep-freeze lid seal, and convenient one-hand rubber latch opening.

Choose Your Style: Dometic Patrol Iceboxes in Captivating Colors

Express your unique style and taste with Dometic Patrol iceboxes. Select from a range of striking colors, including Dometic Slate, Mist, and limited edition options like Ocean, Olive, or Glow. To make it truly your own, each icebox comes with a pack of replaceable stickers. Treat these stickers as personal stamps, capturing memories of your authentic nature-loving experiences. Load your icebox into your truck, car, or 4x4, and embark on unforgettable adventures.