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RV Furnaces

If you are planning to travel when the weather’s cold, a heat source is a must. Dometic provides a selection of furnaces to keep you warm – even if it’s well below zero outside. Engineered for easy maintenance and excellent air delivery, our lightweight products are compact and reliable. Multiple duct options are available.

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    What to know before buying a RV furnace

    When traveling in your RV, you deserve to have a comfortable indoor environment. Whether driving all day and night or parking for a few days to camp, accurate climate control is crucial. Dometic has engineered the best-in-class RV furnaces that meet high efficiency and safety standards.

    How to find the best RV furnace

    Dometic understands RVs come in many different sizes. We offer heating capacities ranging between 12,000 and 40,000 BTUs to match individual vehicle sizes and needs. You will need to compare the heating requirements of your RV with the capacity of our heating systems.

    The perfect RV furnaces for your requirements

    Our high-quality products are sold in over100 markets around the world. We partner with well-known RV manufacturers to ensure Dometic furnaces are compatible with nearly all makes and models. The rugged components and quality materials used in the construction of our furnaces means they will last for the long haul.

    Do RV furnaces provide heating while driving?

    Dometic furnaces work whether the engine is running or turned off. If you are driving on a cold winter day or during a chilly night, this allows you to enjoy comfort at any time. You just select the heat setting, fan speed, temperature and enjoy the comfortable warmth.

    Do RV furnaces work when the engine is off?

    Our Dometic heaters operate on battery power when the RV's engine is off. This optimizes your vehicle's fuel consumption and avoids any fuel fumes or byproducts. Our state-of-the-art engineering has reduced air turbulence in and around the unit, which decreases the level of sound that it makes during a heating cycle.

    Is it safe to use the Dometic furnace while sleeping?

    RV furnaces operate on electrical power so they are safe to use while sleeping. Dometic fully tests every product to ensure your safety. Our heaters are UL listed and certified for safe use in RVs and campers. The quiet and safe operation of Dometic heaters ensures that you can fall asleep undisturbed and without worry.

    What are the installation and configuration options for RV furnaces?

    The RV furnace must have outside access for exhaust. Some models come with outside access doors; other come without doors but access for exhaust only. This allows for fresh air to enter the RV. . Most Dometic heaters can be installed horizontally or vertically for a perfect fit within your vehicle.