Vent filter replacement cartridge

The innovative concave shape and use of recyclable plastics combine to make the ECO vent filter the most effective and environmentally-responsible vent filter available.
  • One size fits all
    ECO filter sizes
  • New cartridge filter
    55 % less plastic
  • Earth-friendly
    Recyclable plastic : 9108823048 Visit support page + FAQ

Eliminates Odors Better

Concave shape forces more tank air through filtering media after media has settled.
...and more
    • One replacement cartridge fits all SeaLand ECO filter sizes
    • New filter cartridge uses 55 % less plastic than previous SeaLand vent filter cartridge
    • Earth-friendly, recyclable plastic components
    • Fits in the same space and brackets as previous SeaLand vent filters for easy change-over
    • Improved malodorous gas filtration

Advanced odor removal is easy to install

Dometic delivers everything boaters want in vent filter performance and service. The innovative concave shape of the Dometic ECO filter assures that malodorous gases are completely filtered through activated odor-adsorbing media. The result is more thorough odor elimination and the assurance of more enjoyable boating. Though differently shaped, it is a direct replacement for previous Dometic vent filters, as it fits the same installation brackets as older models. Now made with recyclable plastics, Dometic ECO filter components are much more ecologically friendly than previous Dometic filters, as well as many other current filters.


SKU number 9108823048 
Model Other 
Product Description Vent filter replacement cartridge  
Dimensions product depth 381 mm
Dimensions product height 63.50 mm
Dimensions product width 63.50 mm
Net weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions parcel depth 508 mm
Dimensions parcel height 88.90 mm
Dimensions parcel width 88.90 mm
Parcel weight 0.57 kg
Installation manual
Installation manual