Dometic GY 20
Roof ventilator with plastic roof dome

This compact roof ventilator functions without the need of a motor. It provides noiseless ventilation through the rotation of its fan by air pressure.
  • Silent
  • Waterproof dome
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Robust roof domes

Made of weather-resistant plastic material, Dometic’s cooker hood roof domes are robust and durable. Two ventilation systems are available – with or without a motor. GY 11 is an electric model operating with a 2-motorised speed fan for especially powerful ventilation. GY 20 uses the differential pressure principle for efficient and noiseless operation without moving parts and with no power supply required.
Robust roof domes
Dometic GY 20
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    • Effective roof ventilator powered without a motor
    • Efficient noiseless operation that works through differential pressure
    • Robust waterproof roof dome

Noiseless motor-free roof ventilator

The neat Dometic GY 20 roof ventilator efficiently provides ventilation to motorhomes and caravans without the use of a motor. Its ability to function noiselessly makes it ideal for sleeping and living areas.


SKU number 9107300319 
Model GY20 
Product Description Roof ventilator with plastic roof dome 
Dimensions product depth 64 mm
Dimensions product width 200 mm
Net weight 0.40 kg
EAN-13 7350019019689 
Dimensions parcel depth 215 mm
Dimensions parcel height 110 mm
Dimensions parcel width 215 mm
Parcel weight 0.49 kg