Dometic OV 1800

Built-in gas oven, 18 l capacity

This compact gas oven allows all types of motorhomes and caravans to enjoy the benefits of an oven even when space is limited.
RRP incl VAT : 9103303708
Well lit
Well lit

Convenient integrated light

Heat perfection
Heat perfection

Easy temperature control

Just like new
Just like new

Easy-to-clean enamel tray

Dometic OV 1800
...and more
    • Space-saving mini oven
    • Glass door, hinged at bottom for ease of access
    • Interior light
    • Electronic ignition
    • Stainless steel rack
    • Enamel baking tray
    • Thermostatic temperature control

Compact gas oven for tight spaces

The neat compact design of the Dometic OV 1800 gas oven makes it ideal for all types of motorhomes and caravans, even where space is limited. Its stylish glass door and interior light mean that the contents of the oven can easily be viewed. With electric ignition, a stainless steel rack and enamel baking tray, all the convenience of a conventional oven can be enjoyed in compact form.


Built-in gas oven, 18 l capacity 
490 mm
311 mm
410 mm
13.7 kg
490.00 mm
360.00 mm
398.00 mm
116.00 g/h
520 mm
449 mm
550 mm
12 kg