Dometic PerfectCharge MCA 2425

IU0U battery charger, 25 A, 24 V

The latest charging technology, ultra-compact design and lightweight. This automatic battery charger is fast and easy to install. It can charge three batteries simultaneously and be used all over the world with its input voltage range of 110–230 V. Ideal for frequent travellers and globetrotters.
RRP incl VAT : 9600000185

Best for your batteries

PerfectCharge IU0U battery chargers ensure your batteries are charged 100%. Full charging is something you should treat your battery to at least once a month. Because there is no better way of caring for your batteries and give them a long life. Insufficient recharging, by contrast, will result in sulphate build-up and premature battery ageing.
Best for your batteries
Dometic PerfectCharge MCA 2425
...and more
    • Gentle charging of 12 V batteries with optimised 6-stage IU0U charging technology
    • Simultaneous charging of one battery plus the starter battery
    • Very compact design, lightweight and easy installation
    • Sleep mode for quiet charging at half the power – ideal at night or in parking spaces with low electrical circuit protection
    • Comes standard with a bus interface for smooth integration in existing bus systems
    • Compatible with the Dometic MPC 01 battery controller for perfect power management
    • Useful enhancements: remote control, Hella battery sensor, temperature sensor

Charge three batteries at the same time

Dometic PerfectCharge MCA 2425 has three battery outputs, so it can simultaneously charge three batteries. Very gentle too, using advanced 6-step charging technology. With its compact and lightweight design and practical screw connections, it can be installed quickly and hassle-free. Featuring an input voltage range of 110–230 V, it can be used anywhere in the world and will charge reliably even when the input voltage drops. Ideal for frequent travellers and globetrotters. Useful enhancements: remote control, battery sensor, temperature sensor or Dometic MPC 01 battery controller for up to 30 % faster charging.


SKU number 9600000185 
Model MCA2425 
Product Description IU0U battery charger, 25 A, 24 V  
Dimensions product depth 283 mm
Dimensions product height 75 mm
Dimensions product width 208.5 mm
Net weight 2.9 kg
Input voltage (AC) 110/230 V
Output current 25.00 A
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Battery type Lead, AGM, Gel 
IP class IP20 
Energy efficiency ≤90 %
Continuous power 25°C 735.00 W
Operating temperature min -20.00 °C
Operating temperature max 50.00 °C
EAN-13 4015704256796 
Dimensions parcel depth 325 mm
Dimensions parcel height 142 mm
Dimensions parcel width 226 mm
Parcel weight 3.44 kg