Dometic Büttner PP 00201

“CLASSIC I” power supply system

Extra-strong battery control booster plus battery computer plus 110-watt solar system: The PowerPack CLASSIC I ensures optimal charging of the onboard battery(ies) in every situation. The ideal combination for small to medium-sized motorhomes. Especially if solar power is also to be included in the energy supply.
RRP incl VAT : 9620000282
Dometic Büttner PP 00201
...and more
    • Optimum charging of the onboard batteries – while driving and on the 230 V mains
    • Battery computer controls and monitors the complete charging electronics
    • Solar system 110 Wp provides additional electricity for charging the batteries
    • State-of-the-art IU0U charging technology – fast, gentle charging of all types of batteries
    • Detachable control unit for remote monitoring in the interior
    • Easy installation – complete installation accessories are included
    • Can be used as a supplement to existing charging technology or as a sole charging centre

For small and medium vehicles

Does the onboard power supply of your motorhome leave nothing to be desired? Then you should get reinforcements onboard! The Dometic Büttner PowerPack CLASSIC I offers you an all-round carefree solution for optimal charging of your onboard battery(ies). The integrated battery control booster can be used for all types of batteries: AGM, gel, liquid acid and LiFePO4. It supports battery charging while driving and on the 230-V network. The battery computer MT 5000 iQ, which also shows the current capacity, takes over the charging management. The 110-watt solar system also integrates perfectly into the system: If charging current is required, the control electronics ensure that the existing solar current is fed into the onboard battery.