Dometic Trim Tab Actuator 2.25"

Trim Tab Actuator, 2.25" Stroke, Regular

Sophisticated design provides position feedback and complete integration with our Optimus 360 and EPS steering Systems. : 9600027311
Dometic Trim Tab Actuator 2.25"
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    • Solid Actuator shaft design provides exceptional strength
    • LEDs that accurately indicate the position of the trim tab
    • Safe mode, will auto-retract if communication is lost
    • Higher load carrying ability in both push and pull applications
    • Custom tabs available
    • CAN-based actuator with positional accuracy and repeatability
    • Links with Optimus Joystick, EPS steering and shift & throttle controls


SKU number 9600027311 
Model Actuator Adaptive 
Product Description Trim Tab Actuator, 2.25" Stroke, Regular 
Dimensions product height 11 1/2 "
Dimensions product width 2 1/2 "
Input voltage (DC) 12 V
IP class IPX7