Dometic PerfectView CAM44

Colour twin camera

Colour camera with two lenses for close range and long range view when reversing. It comes with a shutter and motor powered camera cover.
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Superior twin camera

The PerfectView CAM 44 twin camera integrates two separate camera modules in a super-compact housing. A 140° wide-angle lens gives you more safety when reversing, a 50° lens provides long-range vision far beyond the vehicle when driving forward. The use of separate lenses makes for an excellent image quality in both modes. This technology sets the CAM 44 apart from many other twin camera systems offered in the market, which operate with a distorting wide-angle lens in long-range.
Superior twin camera
Closed camera cover
Closed camera cover

Long-range rear vision is still possible through an aperture.

Two separate lenses
Two separate lenses

Combined in a compact housing, the smallest of its kind available in the market

Dometic PerfectView CAM44
...and more
    • Close range wide angle lens 140° diagonal and long range angle lens 50° diagonal view
    • Anodised and powder coated aluminium housing with stainless steel cap and mount
    • Distance marks (3 lines) in reversing mode
    • Microphone
    • Manual or automatic switching between the cameras
    • 20 m monitor to camera connection cable plus installation fittings for all components
    • LRD-controlled infrared LEDs for improved night vision

A flexible reversing camera that helps you see at every angle

The Dometic PerfectView CAM44 colour twin camera with shutter is equipped with two lenses and a motorised cover to protect against dirt. The colour camera with integrated microphone is encased in an aluminium housing and transmits image and sound to a monitor via a cable. It can function manually or automatically. The CAM44 has a close range lens for the space directly behind the vehicle as well as a long range lens. For precise manoeuvring, the camera produces three distance marks in reversing mode which are shown on a connected colour monitor as coloured lines. Infrared LEDs, controlled by the light conditions, will also assist with improved night vision. Whether travelling with your family or on the job, there is no compromise on safety. With PerfectView cameras you can be on the ball every time!


Camera, 20 m system cable, installation material, manual 
Colour twin camera 
65 mm
74 mm
114 mm
0.4 kg
12 V
< 1 / 0 with LED lux
140.00 °
100.00 °
35.00 °
290000 px
72.00 °
28.00 °
6.00 g
-30.00 °C
70.00 °C
Factory Pre-Mirrored 
195 mm
105 mm
275 mm
1.7 kg