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Dometic DeliBox 90HC

Food Delivery Box, active heating and cooling, 86.6 l

Do you want to provide your home delivery customers with the same food quality they would get when eating out? Upgrade your delivery fleet with the HACCP compliant Dometic DeliBox! This innovative catering box makes it easy to maintain the right temperature from the restaurant to the customer’s doorstep. Its spacious interior is divided into two height-adjustable compartments – one with active heating for warm food up to 70 °C, one with active cooling for refrigerated dishes down to 2 °C.

Art nr: 9600051010

Product Highlights

Clean air and easy to keep fresh
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Clean air and easy to keep fresh

Cold plasma ionization effectively removes smells and germs between deliveries. Food-contact safe interior that is easy to clean.

Energy-saving LED light
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Energy-saving LED light

Have everything in sight, even in dark surroundings

Optional battery pack
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Optional battery pack

Up to 3-4 h independent operation without external power supply

Heavy-duty construction
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Heavy-duty construction

Durable, weatherproof design to withstand tough outdoor conditions in all climates. Protect your food with outstanding thermal insulation and a mechanical lock.

Variable compartment size
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Variable compartment size

The shelf can be positioned on three different levels to adjust the storage space

Active heating 40°C to 70°C, active cooling 2°C to 20°C
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Active heating 40°C to 70°C, active cooling 2°C to 20°C

Simply set the ideal temperature for the food you wish to deliver


Extra-large storage capacity – for several orders to be delivered at once

Two temperature zones – with active warming and active cooling

Can be mounted on mopeds, scooters, motorbikes as well as in cars and vans

Approved food-grade interior guarantees safety for consumers

Air purifier cleans the air between deliveries and eliminates odour transfer

Optional battery pack for up to 3-4 hours of independent operation

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Food Delivery Box, active heating and cooling, 86.6 l

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Yes, LED

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Dometic DEL90H(C) - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA24+he

Installation and Operating Manual

Extra-large capacity

Extra-large capacity

Featuring a net capacity of about 86 l, the Dometic DeliBox has room for either 12 pizza boxes, 4-6 take-away bags, or 2 large grocery bags. The extra-large capacity, together with the temperature control, allows multiple delivery stops during the same journey. Moreover, you can deliver different types of food at the ideal temperature: warm food and fresh produce or warm and refrigerated food, depending on the DeliBox model you use.

Food safe interior and clean air

Food safe interior and clean air

The interior of the DeliBox is designed with food safety in mind, using certified materials that are safe for food contact. In addition, the use of cold plasma ionization technology helps to eliminate any lingering odors or germs between deliveries. This combination of features creates a hygienic and safe environment that helps to preserve the quality of the food and minimize the risk of odor contamination.

Multiple mounting options

Multiple mounting options

There are many options to upgrade your delivery fleet with the Dometic DeliBox. The temperature-controlled transport box can be mounted on mopeds, scooters and motorcycles. It can be connected to the battery of cars and vans with the 12 V cable included in the delivery kit, and it can also be run independently on an optional battery pack. Feel free to contact us for the best mounting option for your business.



Deliver both hot and cold dishes at the same time. An insulated shelf allows you to easily divide the inner compartment into two separate temperature zones, one warm and one cold. Active temperature control ensures the correct temperature is reliably maintained from the restaurant to the customer’s doorstep.

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