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Dometic Frigo DC 2500

Engine-independent transport refrigeration kit with evaporator 2500

This fully integrated cooling kit is our answer to new generation vans with tight engine compartments. The Dometic Frigo DC 2500's compact compressor/condenser unit is placed in the spare wheel compartment underneath the vehicle, while the evaporator is fitted to the ceiling of the cargo compartment. The innovative variable speed inverter compressor with smart derating function both saves energy and prolongs service life.

Art nr: 9600010782

Product Highlights

User-friendly control panel
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User-friendly control panel

Display of current temperature, service message and automatic defrosting

Standby cooling kit
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Standby cooling kit

This optional cooling kit includes a professional-grade AC power supply cord and high-quality battery charger

Fully integrated cooling system is compact and does not require roof-mount structure

Engine-independent installation – compressor/condenser unit placed in spare wheel compartment

Highly efficient variable speed compressor for high performance, low energy consumption and longer service life

Easy service and maintenance – less components, no drive belts to check or replace

Lightweight – up to 40 % lighter than competitor systems

Automatic hot gas defrosting every two hours

Easy upgrade with standby cooling kit for stationary operation

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Frigo DC 2500

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Verdampfer 2500, Kompressor-Kondensatoreinheit, Schläuche, Fittinge, Kabelsatz, Bedieneinheit, Befestigungsmaterial

Product Description

Engine-independent transport refrigeration kit with evaporator 2500

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Smart derating function

Smart derating function

Dometic Frigo DC cooling kits use a variable speed compressor with a smart derating function. This innovative feature means, when the supply voltage is low, the compressor performance is automatically reduced to keep the cooling system going without exhausting the vehicle battery. It both saves energy and prolongs service life, while also maintaining a reliable operation in all situations.

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