Dometic GY 21
Roof ventilator with stainless steel roof dome

This clever roof ventilator operates efficiently and noiselessly without a motor.
  • Roof ventilator without motor
  • Stainless steel roof dome
  • Noiseless operation
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Robust roof domes

Made of weather-resistant stainless steel, Dometic’s GY 21 cooker hood roof domes are robust and durable. GY 21 uses the differential pressure principle for efficient and noiseless operation without moving parts and with no power supply required.
Dometic GY 21
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    • Effective roof ventilator which works without the use of a motor
    • Efficient noiseless operation that works through differential pressure
    • Durable stainless steel roof dome

Quiet roof ventilator

The Dometic GY 21 is the roof ventilator that works without the use of a motor. Using the principle of differential pressure, it expels air efficiently and quietly. It also features a durable stainless steel roof dome.


SKU number 9107300005 
Model GY21 
Product Description Roof ventilator with stainless steel roof dome 
EAN-13 7392319051723 
Dimensions parcel depth 214 mm
Dimensions parcel height 111 mm
Dimensions parcel width 213 mm
Parcel weight 0.55 kg
Installation & Operating Manual
Installation & Operating Manual