Dometic CoolFreeze CF-CBS
Cool box stand for CoolFreeze boxes

No need to keep stooping down to take things out of the cooler. Just rest it on this collapsible, yet sturdy stand and prevent damage to your back – and the cooling box. It considerably improves comfort and safety in your mobile kitchen.
  • Easy to transport
  • Enhanced comfort and safety
  • Strong
    Hold up to 80 kg
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Dometic CoolFreeze CF-CBS
...and more
    • No need to strain your back – place your cool box at a comfortable height
    • The sturdiest stand within its category: load capacity up to 80 kg
    • With a light weight of 2 kg and fully collapsible, transport is easy!

Comfort and safety in your mobile kitchen

Don’t strain your back and place your cool box on the Dometic CoolFreeze CF-CBS, the sturdiest stand of its category. Laid out for a load of up to 80 kg, it will accommodate large compressor coolers, too. At the same time it is easy to transport at a mere weight of 2 kg and fully collapsible. Adjust the stand to the height you find most comfortable, either 34 or 44 cm. The softly padded aluminium frame prevents slipping or scratching of the cool box. The Dometic CoolFreeze CF-CBS will keep your cooling box safe from dirt and water at the same till it will give you easy access to fresh food and cold drinks on all trips.


SKU number 9600000689 
Model Coolbox Stand 
Model on label CoolFun Accessory 
Product Description Cool box stand for CoolFreeze boxes 
Net weight 2.09 kg
EAN-13 4015704261318 
Dimensions parcel depth 678 mm
Dimensions parcel height 101 mm
Dimensions parcel width 126 mm
Parcel weight 2.29 kg
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Cooler Stand
Cooler Stand