Dometic Dryroll
Water tight tissue dispenser

An innovative watertight toilet tissue dispenser with automatic paper delivery and auto retract features. Dryroll is a watertight toilet tissue dispenser ideal for combination shower/heads. Dryroll will eliminate wet toilet paper completely, providing an ideal solution to the practicalities of living on board.
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Keep dry and carry on!

Water can easily track up the paper if it is left hanging through the seal. The automatic paper retract feature ensures that loose ends are kept clear of of the opening so that your paper stays dry. We want every aspect of your journey to be a pleasant one, so no more wet toilet tissue makes for a happy explorer

Keeping toilet paper dry

Dometic products aim to maximise the useable space in your home away from home, and the Dryroll does just that when recess fitted. Dryroll can either be surface mounted or recessed fitted, dependant on the design of the vessel and bathroom. Most travel bathrooms are wet-room style, meaning that shower water will inevitably get to your toilet roll. Dryroll has a watertight seal that prevents water getting in. A handy automatic delivery feature also means that you'll never be searching for the end of the roll, and the auto retract feature neatly tucks the end of the tissue back into the holder after use.


SKU number 9600024493 
Model DRY 
Product Description Water tight tissue dispenser 
EAN-13 651554000017 
DryRoll p400 (2)
DryRoll p400 (2)