Dometic MaxFlex 25
Sanitation hose for Ø 25 mm, 15 m

For marine sanitation plumbing runs, except toilet and holding tank discharge, MaxFlex hose is available in various sizes to meet venting and other sanitation requirements.
  • Easy to install
  • Available in various sizes
  • Highly flexible
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Dometic MaxFlex 25
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    • A highly flexible hose for multiple sanitation requirements
    • Easy installation
    • Available in various sizes depending on usage.
    • Not suitable for drinking water

Around the bend

When installation is a challenge, the Dometic MaxFlex sanitation and vent hose is the answer. Available in various sizes to meet all sanitation and vent hose requirements, it is highly flexible, easy to install and suitable for multiple sanitation uses. The Dometic MaxFlex 16 is for use with vent systems and is not suitable for drinking water.


SKU number 9600001853 
Model Max Flex 
Scope of delivery Sanitation hose 25mm / 15m 
Product Description Sanitation hose for Ø 25 mm, 15 m 
Dimensions product depth 32 mm
Dimensions product height 15000 mm
Net weight 5.10 kg
Operating pressure 6 mbar
Operating temperature min -17 °C
Operating temperature max 65 °C
Colour White 
EAN-13 4015704263411