Dometic MasterFlush MF 7260
Low-profile electric raw sea water macerator toilet, compact marine bowl

Space saving macerator toilet with residential proportions and sea water flush. By incorporating clever 360° Orbit technology it fits perfectly into a small area. It is quiet, effective and energy efficient by design and purpose-built for retrofitting into small boats.
  • powerful flush
    macerates waste
  • Rotates 360°
    Orbit base
  • Compact footprint
    Fits almost any head
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Innovative Design

Dometic MasterFlush 7000 Series toilets, with Omnidirectional Rotating Base Installation Technology (ORBIT), provide the only full 360˚ bowl-to-base rotation in a basic macerator toilet. The base can be rotated to any degree in relation to the bowl, providing virtually limitless floor plan and plumbing configurations in very tight spaces, while also providing a residential-size seat and bowl.
  • Full 360º bowl-to-base rotation allows virtually limitless positioning
  • Integrated electric water valve on freshwater models
  • Dual-stage impeller/macerator fully processes waste for thorough pump-out
  • Flushes with as little as 1.2 l (1/3-gallon) of water
  • Flushes with as little as 1.2 l (1/3-gallon) of fresh water
Innovative Design
Installation friendly
Installation friendly

An electric water valve is integrated into the base


Orbit technology allows installation into tight spaces

Dometic MasterFlush MF 7260
...and more
    • Powerful macerating flush
    • Full 360° ORBIT bowl-to-base rotation allows limitless base positioning in small spaces and diverse layouts
    • Small footprint – fits in almost any head compartment
    • Efficient: uses as little as 0.3 gal. (1.2 l) of sea water per flush
    • Compact bowl and comfortable, full-sized enamelled wood seat
    • 12 V DC or 24 V DC operation

Maximum comfort needs minimal space

A small boat has limited space, so a quiet, effective and clever toilet is essential. The multi-directional rotating base of the new Dometic MasterFlush MF 7260 toilet adds a whole new spin to basic marine living. The Orbit technology provides a full 360° of bowl-to-base rotation, therefore maximising even the smallest installation area. This space-saving toilet is energy-efficient and aesthetically-pleasing with its wooden enamelled seat and its low-profile design: incorporating practical luxury in a sleek design. The Dometic MasterFlush MF 7260 assures trouble- and odour-free performance by virtue of its unmatched effective maceration. It's also perfect for retrofitting.


SKU number 9108834285 
Model 7260 
Model on label 7260INT 
Scope of delivery Toilet, Fittings, Switch, Mounting kit, Manual 
Product Description Low-profile electric raw sea water macerator toilet, compact marine bowl 
Dimensions product depth 476.25 mm
Dimensions product height 336.55 mm
Dimensions product width 368.30 mm
Net weight 15.88 kg
Input voltage (DC) 12 V
Colour White 
EAN-13 0713814207731 
Dimensions parcel depth 635 mm
Dimensions parcel height 635 mm
Dimensions parcel width 495.30 mm
Parcel weight 21.77 kg
Installation manual
Installation manual
Installation manual
Installation manual
Operating manual
Operating manual