Dometic SinePower DSP 1224C
Premium inverter with combined smart battery charger, 24 V, 1200 W

Designed to turn 24 V battery power into 230 V AC with true sine wave form, this device ensures the trouble-free operation of appliances with up to 1200 W from the vehicle battery. The new Smart Standby mode saves energy when the device is not needed. When connected to AC power, the unit also conveniently recharges the battery with up to 25 A without exceeding the available current of the mains supply.
  • Highly efficient
    Energy management
  • Easy to use
    Energy monitor included
  • Energy-saving
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Mains support

Mobilises extra energy to compensate high starting currents and an unstable mains supply

Generator function

Provides uninterrupted power supply even if the external power source fails

Smart battery charger

Charging is adapted to the current battery limitation and the power consumption on board

Dometic SinePower DSP 1224C
...and more
    • Smart and efficient energy management with battery recharging function
    • New Smart Standby mode saves energy when the device is not needed
    • Separate energy monitor included for easy operation and control
    • Uses battery power to compensate limited mains power
    • True sine wave output
    • Wide DC input voltage range
    • Easy to include in the vehicle grid

Mains support and smart battery charger all in one

‭This smart combination of a ‭premium sine wave inverter and automatic battery charger ensures you always have enough power on board to use your home ‭gadgets and recharge your batteries. The Dometic DSP-C continuously monitors the mains current input and responds to each situation according to the user's specific configuration. It is capable of supporting limited power capacity of external energy sources with battery power. If the external energy source fails altogether, the inverter can automatically switch on and supply the connected appliances with a clean 230 V AC voltage. This generator functionality can be customised or disabled completely to avoid unintended discharging of the battery. If mains power supply is adequate, the vehicle battery is ‭charged with consideration given to the settings of the current ‭limiter and the level of 230 V power consumption on board. ‭All these features can be configured separately to ‭give you ‭maximum independence, while also selecting the best possible power supply within your vehicle.

Mains support and smart battery charger all in one

All-in-one power solution

The Dometic SinePower DSP 1224C offers maximum independence in terms of power supply. A smart combination of inverter and automatic charger, it monitors the mains power input and responds to each situation accordingly – either supplementing the external power supply or, if not needed, charging the vehicle battery. If the external power source fails altogether, the inverter switches on automatically and supplies connected appliances with 230 V AC with a true sine-wave form. With a maximum power load of 1200 W, it ensures trouble-free operation of coffee makers, microwave ovens and more. A Smart Standby mode saves energy when no power is needed, while full flexibility and ability to configure are retained.


SKU number 9600002560 
Model DSP1224C 
Product Description Premium inverter with combined smart battery charger, 24 V, 1200 W 
Dimensions product depth 405 mm
Dimensions product height 118 mm
Dimensions product width 284 mm
Net weight 5.60 kg
Input voltage (DC) 24 V
Output voltage 230 V
Battery type AGM, Gel, Lead 
Current consumption - Zero load 1,5 A
Current consumption - Standby mode 100 mA
Energy efficiency ≤89 %
Continuous power 25°C 1200.00 W
Operating temperature min -20.00 °C
Operating temperature max 60.00 °C
EAN-13 4015704263909 
Dimensions parcel depth 534 mm
Dimensions parcel height 218 mm
Dimensions parcel width 386 mm
Parcel weight 5.92 kg
Installation & Operating Manual
Installation & Operating Manual