Dometic SinePower DSP 3524T
Comfort sine wave inverter, 3500 W, 24 V

Designed to turn 24 V battery power into pure 230 V AC, this comfort sine wave inverter ensures reliable operation of electric devices up to 3500 W from the vehicle battery. Special highlights of this top-of-the-range product: battery-saving mains priority circuit; energy-saving Smart Standby mode; elegant control panel for convenient operation and a perfect overview.
  • Easy to use
  • Pure sine wave 230 V
    For consumer devices
  • Energy-saving
    Smart Standby mode
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New user interface
New user interface

Attractive design, easy to use and control

Dometic SinePower DSP 3524T
...and more
    • High-performance inverter with pure sine wave 230 V AC output voltage is suitable for sensitive devices
    • New Smart Standby mode saves energy when the device is not needed
    • New user interface for easy operation and control
    • CI-Bus compatible – easy to include in the vehicle grid
    • Integrated mains priority circuit with voltage synchronisation
    • Wide DC input voltage range – ideal for vehicles with EURO 6 emission standard
    • Quiet fan is load and temperature-controlled

Power on the move – convenient and safe

The Dometic SinePower DSP 3524T comfort sine wave inverter turns 24 V DC battery power into pure 230 V AC – suitable for all devices up to a maximum load of 3500 W. The intelligent mains priority circuit ensures a smooth switch-over from battery power to mains power when the vehicle is connected to a mains hook-up. If no load is applied, the inverter changes to the energy-saving Smart Standby mode. It comes on again automatically as soon as the pre-set “wake-up” level is reached. Configuration is flexible and convenient with the elegant control panel supplied with each comfort inverter.


SKU number 9600005009 
Model DSP3524T 
Product Description Comfort sine wave inverter, 3500 W, 24 V 
Dimensions product depth 490 mm
Dimensions product height 122 mm
Dimensions product width 324 mm
Net weight 10.90 kg
Input voltage (DC) 24 V
Output voltage 230 V
Current consumption - Zero load 1,8 A
Current consumption - Standby mode 150 mA
Energy efficiency >90% %
Continuous power 25°C 3500 W
Operating temperature min -20 °C
Operating temperature max 60 °C
EAN-13 4015704266375 
Dimensions parcel depth 643 mm
Dimensions parcel height 220 mm
Dimensions parcel width 418 mm
Parcel weight 12.20 kg
EU EC Declaration of Conformity
EU EC Declaration of Conformity