Cosy warmth

Dometic MagicComfort MSH 300
Carbon insert seat heater, 4 elements

Carbon insert seat heater for both the driver and front passenger seat
  • Cut-to-size
  • Super-fast Heat
  • Adjustable Heat
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Dometic MagicComfort MSH 300
...and more
    • Cut-to-size carbon heating elements ensure a neat and bespoke fitting
    • Heats up very fast for immediate warmth
    • Three heat stages are incorporated from 10 to 70 W
    • Two integrated temperature guards per seat
    • Easy operation
    • Elegant, ergonomic push button with LED display
    • Resets when the ignition is turned off

Toasty, cosy, safe and easy

Cold seats in a vehicle are most uninviting, but what can you do about it once your vehicle has left the factory? Well, you can do quite a lot actually. The Dometic MagicComfort MSH 300 is a bespoke, cut-to-size seat heater that is perfect for a retro-fit to the driver and the front passenger seat in a vehicle. It is comfortable and heats in super-fast time with a high quality carbon heating element. Simple to fit, just measure, cut and insert the pad between the upholstery of the seat and backrest, and the seat cover. You can achieve immediate luxury and warmth without altering the shape or comfort of the seat or incurring any extra expense.


SKU number 9600000395 
Model MSH300 
Model on label MSH300 
Scope of delivery 4 carbon heating elements, pre-assembled set of cables with relay, 2 universal push buttons 
Product Description Carbon insert seat heater, 4 elements 
Dimensions product depth 580 mm
Dimensions product height 2 mm
Dimensions product width 270 mm
Net weight 1.32 kg
Input voltage (DC) 12 V
Rated input power (DC) 140 W
Power consumption 140.00 W
Colour Black 
Certificates eMark 
EAN-13 4015704253405 
Dimensions parcel depth 390 mm
Dimensions parcel height 65 mm
Dimensions parcel width 310 mm
Parcel weight 1.56 kg