Commercial Boat Sanitation Solutions

Toilet systems

Dometic supplies a range of toilet systems for use on board, distinguishing between vacuum, MasterFlush, RushFlush and gravity toilet systems.

Dometic toilet systems have been designed especially to ensure comfort, hygiene and convenience. It should preferably feel ‘just like home’ when on-board. The efficient use of space also plays an important role in this.

Dometic has a wealth of experience in the use of different systems. It is also constantly innovating: this has already resulted in a range of award-winning designs.


The space-saving and fully rotatable MasterFlush electric toilet fits exactly into a standard toilet connection. The base can be affixed at any desired angle relative to the bowl, and the effective, two-step maceration system is equipped with a ten-blade, stainless steel macerator.

Dometic supplies a range of different toilet models in standard, ‘no-nonsense’ designs, which are available as tall or short models depending on the available space. For greater comfort, the toilets can also be fitted with a soft-close toilet seat and integrated bidet function, while the washdown design provides maximum hygiene. The two most recent models of MasterFlush toilets feature an external or remotely fitted seawater pump. The separately available push button is brightly illuminated and LEDs indicate the status of the connected holding tank.

Dometic VacuFlush 4806

Holding tanks for marine toilets

Dometic has been supplying marine toilet holding tanks for the OEM market for decades. Available in a range of different designs, Dometic’s holding tanks have been specially designed for the European market and comply with all standards, including ISO 8099. Other important features are:

  • Durability
  • Odour proofing
  • Ease of installation
  • Simple operation
  • Complete emptying, with specially developed standpipe and tank base

Dometic holding tanks for marine toilets are available in five standard capacities of between 42 and 137 litres. However, Dometic also offers a complete range of custom-made tanks. Every tank is carefully tested for water-tightness before delivery in order to prevent odour after installation.

A range of accessories is also available, including a tanksaver, sanitation hoses, a vent filter, and various fill level indicators.

Dometic Holding Tank DHT 88L


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