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In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, businesses are having to adapt to new ways of working in order to continue to remain operational. If your business is within food and drink or hospitality industry, then you may find yourself in a situation where you have an immediate need for temperature-controlled transport and storage in order to continue to serve your customers. We’re here to help with our flexible and convenient range of cooling solutions for mobile delivery.


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For businesses who would like to keep taking orders have two options for cold delivery: a fully refrigerated lorry or a mobile alternative. While full vehicle conversions are common, the process can be costly, complex and rely on numerous components from various sources and services. From regular passenger saloons to small delivery vans and mid-sized fleet vehicles our mobile cooling range offers a fast and flexible cold chain alternative that requires little to no installation that can be ready for making deliveries today.

Fresh on arrival

If you’re transporting food, absolute temperature precision is required. That’s why we provide proven cooling and freezing solutions for a variety of temperature-sensitive applications. You don’t need a refrigerated lorry. You just need Dometic. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is an internationally binding quality management system for foodstuffs. We can provide you with a mobile refrigeration solution that will keep your produce at the right temperature at all times – at much lower cost.

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Professional cooling solutions for hotels, restaurants and food delivery companies

• Refrigeration and deep-freeze containers as top loaders and front loaders with customer-specific equipment 
• Fully integrated cooling systems for fresh-goods transport

Mobile high-precision cooling solutions for food transportation

• Compressor refrigeration and deep-freeze cool boxes with factory pre-set variable (–18 to +10) temperature and customer-specific accessories
• Passive insulation cool boxes for food transportation 

Stay cool 24/7

Keeping powered cool boxes inside transport vehicles at their required temperature and ready for use at all times is key to efficient and timely operation with 100% customer satisfaction. The Dometic PLB40 Battery allows you to do just that by offering an independent power source that charges from the car battery as you drive so that it can keep powered cool boxes and 12v appliances powered when the vehicle is switched off and stationary.

...Or serve hot

The TCX professional series can cool to – 27 °C below ambient temperature or heat up to +65. Meaning it’s perfect for safe transport of heat-sensitive deliveries such as restaurant take-away and ready-to-eat meal delivery services. These lightweight boxes can be fitted with a factory-pre-set fixed temperature so there’s no heating up required on arrival. Ensure your customers enjoy an instant restaurant experience at home with Dometic.


Introducing the Dometic Frigo DC range. Our game changing cooling concept for temperature-controlled transportation. Turn any delivery van into refrigerated delivery lorry thanks to its fully electric 12 v cooling system. Ideal for light commercial vehicles up to 10 cubic metres.

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What is HACCP?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. Put simply; HACCP is a globally recognised system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food. HACCP aims to prevent contamination starting at the producer, rather than end-product evaluation. Proper implementation of a HACCP programme helps reduce the likelihood of customer complaints or a recall by identifying and controlling potential hazards that may come from raw materials, facility processes and human error.

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