Anna Heupel
Traveling means the world

Anna Heupel

Even as a kid, when she’d sneak off with her parents’ dusty old analog camera, it was clear that Anna Heupel’s love of photography would take her beyond the familiar and out into the world. Her passion undimmed, she till gazes through a camera lens with the wide-eyed wonder of a child.

Anna and her boyfriend, Timo, are from Germany. Siegen, not far from Cologne, is both home and an ideal base from which to explore the world. Timo, who works for an industrial company, is a creative spirit “with the hands of a craftsman.” Whenever there’s a gap in his busy schedule, he tags along with Anna, whose photography and travel blogging constitute a full-time job. “Timo is not only the perfect travel and work companion, but a pretty accomplished drone pilot too,” says Anna with a smile.
Funnily enough, “flying” is in Timo’s blood (his grandfather was in the British Royal Air Force, and his mother was a flight attendant). Anna’s love affair with the nomadic lifestyle began early and grew stronger over time. ”I’ve always been on the lookout for adventure – even if it’s just round the corner. My interest in exotic places and cultures was sparked in childhood and exploded when I started my photography business seven years ago.” To Anna, combining work with travel is a pleasure and a privilege, not to mention a dream come true.
Will the couple stay on the road? “Traveling literally means the world to us,” Anna explains. “We’ve bonded through shared experience – be it a round-the-world trip, like in 2016, or a long weekender in our beloved VW bus.” Either way, Anna and Timo are clearly in it for the long haul. As soon as a destination is ticked off the checklist, ideas for new adventures emerge on the horizon. A spectacular four-week road trip – “the ride of a lifetime” – in a shabby camper van across Australia’s west coast inspired them to buy and rebuild their own home on wheels – and then hit the road again. ”Nothing, after all, beats the freedom to roam wherever the wind – and work – take you,” says Timo.
Plans to criss-cross Scotland in their bus are slowly taking shape. As are trips to similarly exotic locations, including the Philippines, Peru and Bora Bora. This is wonderful news for Anna’s thousands of Instagram followers, who can look forward to feasting their eyes on yet another batch of stunning images in the wake of her travels. Anna and Timo appreciate the convenience – and peace of mind – offered by their Dometic products.
“A particular favorite, and absolutely essential on road trips, is our 32-litre CFX-35W cooler,” says Anna. In addition, the couple only ever uses Dometic batteries and other energy solutions, ensuring they have access to power whenever and wherever they need it.
Pre Dometic, Anna’s and Timo’s trusty old van was only really good for sleeping rough for a few nights. It has since been transformed into a cozy home and work space on wheels – with a ready supply of power, heating and pretty much everything you need to feel safe and comfortable. “We love to keep it simple, with nothing but the barest essentials to keep us and our bus on the move. But without Dometic, we would never have experienced the serenity of two bitterly cold winter weeks in pristine Norwegian wilderness.”
Do Anna and Timo have any tips they’d like to share? “Oh yes,” says Anna. “Bring your favorite music and a good audiobook to help while away the time on long trips. And don’t forget some tasty snacks,” she concludes with a smile.

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