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Skysol fabrics

Our classic pleated Skysol fabrics give a range of light control types. Choose blackout for a good night's sleep, privacy to allow for discretion, or sheer to create a relaxed ambience and cooler environment during daylight hours.


Sheer fabrics allow in the maximum amount of light, whilst preserving day time privacy.


Privacy fabrics allow restricted light flow to ensure your privacy, even in the evening. Ideal for creating that much desired ambience.


Blackout fabric blocks out sunlight, for complete privacy, room darkening and temperature control.

Discover Skysol Blinds

The Skysol range offers a contemporary take on the classic pleated blind, offering solutions for every application including inclines, complex shaped windows, and even curved doors (see Honeycomb Fabrics). Combined with our wide range of light controlling fabrics, Skysol allow you to fully customise your interior’s natural ambience.

Honeycomb fabrics

The design of the honeycomb fabric means that, unlike single pleated fabric, the cording is not visible. And since no holes have to be punched into the fabric for operating cords, there is no light seepage. The shading results are thorough and crisp.


Honeycomb fabrics feature a unique honeycomb construction. Trapped air within each cell provides effective insulation and an acoustic barrier, helping to keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter.

Pleatedshade fabrics

Available in a choice of coloured fabrics and able to be tailored for simple-shape application, the Pleatedshade offers a softer finish on windows. Ideally suited for use in the saloon, its light diffusing properties create easily adjustable ambient lighting throughout the day – perfect for a relaxed atmosphere.


The Skysol Pleatedshade can be perfectly tailored to fit a wide variety of windows, portlights, and interior styles, through a variety of colours and simple shaping options. Its light filtering fabric creates a warm and relaxed ambience which, when combined with the soft pleated finish, results in a beautiful and comfortable environment.

Discover Pleatedshade

Dometic Oceanair Skysol Pleatedshade has been specially designed to offer a simple streamlined selection, suitable for use in all interiors. Quick and simple to install, it provides shading that enhances your travel experience.


The Fabric Technical Specification Guide contains all the information you need to decide which material best suits your project. View fabric limitations and specifications, and important technical information.

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