Dometic PerfectView CAM 360 AHD

All-around view system with four cameras

Around view monitoring system with four cameras to create a 360° observation area around a vehicle. The system is equipped with a RCA connector (A/V) to fit to devices with an A/V Input.
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A bird-view camera

Advanced driving support systems does not only make the working day easier for professional drivers. It also gives motorhome and caravan enthusiasts an undiminished holiday experience, they eliminate a major stress factor – the stress associated with manoeuvring a bulky vehicle in difficult terrain. With the Dometic CAM 360 AHD BirdView system, even the trickiest parking manoeuvre becomes easy. Four 180° wide-angle cameras – installed at the front, the rear, the left and right-hand side of the vehicle – watch from a bird’s eye perspective everything that might get in the way while manoeuvring. However, the installation of the CAM 360 is not for do-it-yourselfers, but should be performed by specially trained professionals.
Security and protection
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A bird-view camera
Dometic PerfectView CAM 360 AHD
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    • Complete 360° view all around your vehicle
    • Safer and more confident driving with full view of vehicle and surrounding objects
    • Convenient shifting between views by remote control or trigger signal
    • Easy to install due to less components and simplified wiring
    • Avoids bumps, scrapes and accidents
    • Makes even large vehicles easy to maneuver!

Advanced driving assistant system

Our new Dometic PerfectView CAM 360 AHD system gives you a perfect, all-around view. You can see the vehicle’s position and the surrounding objects, face tricky parking manoeuvres with ease and minimise the risk of bumps, scrapes and traffic accidents. Four cameras with extra-wide-angle lenses installed on the front, rear, left and right collect images of what is happening around your vehicle and send them to the monitor in your cockpit. The control box, being the core component of this smart solution, manages everything. Integrating a video splitter, it gives you various view options – front, side, rear or 360° bird view. Using the handy remote control, you can easily access the view you want in the situation at hand.


SKU number 9600026540 
Model CAM360AHD 
Model on label CAM360AHD 
Scope of delivery 4 cameras, host computer, system cable, remote controler, manual 
Product Description All-around view system with four cameras 
Input voltage (DC) 12/24 V
IP class IP69K 
Light sensitivity 0,1 lux lux
Camera inputs
Brightness adjustment Electronic 
Diagonal picture angle 180.00 °
Video standard NTSC 
Vibration resistance 10.00 g
Operating temperature min -20.00 °C
Operating temperature max 70.00 °C
Color Silver 
EAN-13 4015704283204 
Dimensions parcel depth 105 mm
Dimensions parcel height 195 mm
Dimensions parcel width 275 mm
Parcel weight 2.40 kg