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Dometic Büttner MT ICC3000SI-N

Inverter with charger, 3000 W, 120 A, 12 V

Specially developed for large motorhomes: With this compact inverter/charger combination you are prepared for any situation during your camping holiday. The compact unit combines a 3000-W sine wave inverter with a 120-A automatic charger. This means that you can easily operate high-wattage 230 V devices, even in unsecured parking spaces. And recharge the onboard battery at the same time.

Art nr: 9620000175

Sine wave inverter 3000 W plus automatic charger 120 A

Integrated mains changeover – switches automatically to mains power as soon as it is available

PowerBoost function briefly recovers reinforcement from the onboard battery

Control unit for installation in the interior (remote control)

Compact combination of two devices – saves space onboard

Silent night mode programmable

High operational safety – overload and overheating protection

Dometic Büttner MT ICC 1600 SI-N, MT ICC 3000 SI-N - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA8

Installation and Operating Manual

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