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Dometic BREATHE 2500

Air purification add-on kit, 2.5 kV

With this easy-to-install upgrade kit for your rooftop air conditioner, you will breathe clean and healthy air in your RV at all times. Using state-of-the-art ionization technology, the air purifier effectively reduces dust particles, bacteria, mold build-up and unpleasant odors. A genuine must need upgrade for your air conditioning system!

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Product Highlights

LED pilot lamp
1 of 3

LED pilot lamp

Clearly indicates that the air purifier is operating

High-quality brass inserts
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High-quality brass inserts

Secure, corrosion-resistant mounting

Plug-and-play installation
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Plug-and-play installation

Simply insert the connectors into the prepared sockets

Latest bipolar ionization technology reliably reduces dust particles, bacteria, mold build-up and odors

Easy installation with flexible mounting options: fan, ductwork, transition boxes, or directly behind the air outlet grille

No consumables or replacement parts required, simply clean the ionizer brushes

Energy-saving – can be connected directly to the fan to ensure power supply only when needed

Compact and space-saving design

Universal power supply – wide input voltage range (70 to 240 VAC)

Fits Dometic FreshJet 1100, 1500, 1700, 2000, 2200, 3000 and 3200

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Breathe 2500

Scope of delivery

Air purification* 1pc, screw ST4*16mm*2pcs, tie* 2pcs, double tape* 4pcs, connection cable* 1pc

Product Description

Air purification add-on kit, 2.5 kV

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Dometic Breathe 2500, Breathe 4500, Breathe 4500 Marine - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA16

Installation and Operating Manual



The Dometic air purifier uses advanced Dometic CleanAir technology. When voltage is applied to the two needle-point brushes, they interact with the oxygen and moisture in the air to produce negative and positive ions. These ions have three positive effects. First, they help reduce bacteria, viruses and mold by attacking their core structure. Second, the charged ions attract the dust particles in the air. This creates larger lumps of particles, which can be easily caught in the AC filter. Third, the ions also break down the molecular structure of volatile organic compounds. This eliminates unpleasant smells caused by chemicals or waste.

Easy and flexible installation

Easy and flexible installation

Compact in size, the Dometic BREATHE 2500 air purification add-on kit requires little space. This opens up various installation options – fan, ductwork, transition boxes, or directly behind the air outlet grille. Thanks to the wide input voltage range (70 to 240 V AC), the system is compatible with most Dometic rooftop air conditioners. Installation itself is quick and easy. Simply attach the base unit with the two bolts or the double-sided adhesive tape included in the delivery kit. Then drill two holes spaced about 2 – 3 inches apart and press in the rubberized ionizer brushes. Finally, connect the system to a power source. A smart option is to connect the Dometic Breathe air purifier directly to a fan power source. This will ensure you only generate ions when needed.

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