Dometic SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Kit

Steering kit, 16' hose, HK6316A-3

Unmatched comfort and control. Only with Dometic SeaStar steering. The world’s most popular outboard hydraulic system offers smooth, super-efficient steering for today’s high performance hulls with single or multiple outboards up to 600 HP combined. It’s the OEM Choice for center consoles, cruisers and more.
item no: 9130001054 (HK6316A-3)
DOMETIC Pontoon lake speed house family steering
Dometic SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Kit
...And more
    • Patented steering lock valves
    • Low friction hydraulic steering system
    • 4.25 turns lock-to-lock
    • Compact helm with a 4-7/16" footprint, needs only 3" dash hole
    • Packaged with helm, cylinder, fittings, oil, bleeder kit, cut-to-fit tubing, and detailed instructions
    • Standard 3/4" tapered steering shaft


SKU number 9130001054 
Model SeaStar Steering Kits 
Legacy Factory Item Number HK6316A-3 
Product Description Steering kit, 16' hose, HK6316A-3 
Net weight 24.52 lbs
Actuation Stroke Length 8.00 "
Horse Power Rating 350.00 hp
Maximum Pressure rating 1500.00 psi
Fluid displacement 1.70 in³
Maximum Wheel Diameter 28.00 "
Color Black 
Allowable Fluid Type SeaStar steering fluid 
Port Type SAE 
Shaft Diameter 0.75 "
Helm Type Front Mount 
Cylinder Type Outboard 
Hose Length 16.00 ′
Hose Type Standard 
Dimensions parcel depth 23 1/2 "
Dimensions parcel height 12 "
Dimensions parcel width 9 1/2 "