Dometic Oceanair Skysol Honeycomb

Honeycomb pleated blind for windows

This elegant custom-built pleated blind is ideal for natural light and temperature control. Stylish yet functional, Skysol Honeycomb also protects your privacy on board the yacht. Its slim profile is suitable for slim recesses.

Art nr: 9600023541

Suitable for slim recesses

Choice of fabric types and colors

Powered operation available with 12 V DC, 24 V DC or mains motors

Hand held remote, wall switch or integration into the control system

Available with white, beige or grey hardware

Suitable for inclines

No visible cording holes

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Skysol Honeycomb - Product Leaflet - 2020 (PB2H) (EN)

Product Leaflet

Blinds without cord holes
Dometic Oceanair Skysol Honeycomb

Blinds without cord holes

The nature of honeycomb fabric means that unlike single pleated fabric, the cording is not visible. Since no holes have to be punched into the fabric for operating cords, there is no light seepage. The shading results are thorough and crisp.

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