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Dometic Corporation Unilateral Price Policy

Dometic Outdoor Products

Effective: August 2023

We recognize that our high-quality Dometic dealers invest time and resources to deliver an extraordinary customer experience through knowledgeable staff and compelling vendor presentation.  To support our dealers’ efforts Dometic Corporation ("Dometic") wishes to establish policies that allow dealers to earn the profits necessary to maintain the high level of customer excellence people have come to expect from Dometic dealers.

In order to successfully compete in the marketplace and to maintain its premium brand image, Dometic has announced this Unilateral Policy.  Hereafter, all sales from Dometic authorized dealers to End Users of products set forth in Dometic’s Unilateral Price Grid (attached) inside the United States shall be subject to this Unilateral Policy.

In alignment with our commitment to ensuring consistent pricing and safeguarding the reputation of the Dometic brand, we have refined our policies to foster a more effective partnership. The following guidelines outline the expectations for the use of special email discount codes:

No Percentage-Off Discount Codes: Authorized resellers are kindly advised not to distribute any email discount codes that entail a percentage reduction from the regular retail price of Dometic products.

Exceptions: It is important to note that special email discount codes can still be utilized for other promotional endeavors, such as offerings for free shipping, complimentary gifts with purchase, or discounts based on dollar amounts, provided they do not contravene the spirit of the AIR agreement.

Adherence and Non-Acquiescence: All special email discount codes must strictly adhere to the principles and stipulations delineated in our Authorized Internet Reseller agreement. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in potential penalties or the unfortunate termination of the authorized reseller agreement.

Effective Communication: We respectfully request that all authorized resellers communicate these guidelines comprehensively to their internal staff members, including teams engaged in e-commerce, marketing, sales, and promotions. This dissemination is vital to ensure a complete understanding of the policy and to facilitate full compliance.

Monitoring and Enforcement: In the interest of upholding the Uniform Pricing Policy (UPP) standards, our dedicated team will actively monitor promotional undertakings and email marketing campaigns. In the event of instances of non-acquiescence with the UPP terms and conditions related to special email discount codes for Dometic products, the following actions may be taken:

Issuance of Warning: For a first-time breach of compliance, we will issue a formal warning to the authorized reseller involved.

Temporary Suspension: In cases of recurrent violations, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend the authorized reseller's privileges to market and distribute Dometic products.

Termination of Agreement: In instances where non-acquiescence is severe and persistent, we may, regrettably, be compelled to terminate the authorized reseller agreement.

We firmly believe that these measures will contribute significantly to maintaining price consistency and protecting the esteemed reputation of the Dometic brand. We are also considering future steps to ensure uniformity, including reinforcing guidelines for shopping feeds, landing pages, discount code usage on bargain sites, refraining from using discount codes in emails, maintaining accurate listing information, and upholding intellectual property and trademark consistency.

Thank you for your continued partnership and understanding. We remain dedicated to achieving mutual success and sustaining the exceptional standard that defines Dometic products.



Dometic Brand Protection Committee

Dometic Corporation Promotional Schedule

Dometic, from time to time within its sole discretion may announce promotion prices and bundles of the products listed in the Unilateral Price Grid which shall constitute acquiescence with Dometic’s Unilateral Policy. Retailers may choose to participate or not to participate at their discretion.


2023 Promotional Calendar

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