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Food Delivery Reimagined

The future of food delivery

Dometic brings groundbreaking innovation to food delivery

Dometic is launching an unconventional transport box which can preserve the restaurant quality and temperature of the food until it reaches the customer. The product, the Dometic Food Delivery Box is currently in development, and will provide a better method of home delivery of prepared food and open up business opportunities for restaurateurs and transport companies, allowing them to enter into the ever growing food delivery business. The box, which is mounted on mopeds and motorcycles, has both heating and cooling elements that keep the food warm or cold and maintain the restaurant quality of the dish under transportation until it reaches the consumer.

Reputation matters

Your reputation in the culinary world is built on multiple factors including the taste of your food and how it’s presented. It can take years to establish, and every restaurants who’s hiring a delivery company is putting their reputation and trust in the hands of the delivery person.

Trusted by the best

Our mission is to ensure the meal is served the way the chef wanted you to enjoy it. The courier box’s active heating and cooling technologies ensure that the temperature is maintained throughout the journey and smart storage ensures food is not disturbed in transit, handling the demands of even the most premium restaurants and customers.

Accelerating safer food delivery

First out to collaborate with Dometic is the leading off-road electric motorbike manufacturer, CAKE. The Dometic Food Delivery Box will be equipped with CAKEs electric motorcycle ÖSA, known for its efficiency in cargo capacity, urban agility, and a powerful battery, making it a greener option on the roads.

Chef approved

“Imagine if meals could be delivered to homes with restaurant quality? If it would be like you were sitting in the restaurant, enjoying the meal the way the chef wanted you to – but at home. This solution will satisfy restaurants, delivery companies and consumers. Dometic has expertise in temperature-sensitive solutions and we can deliver complete solutions that answer these needs."

Peter Kjellberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Dometic

Cooler, greener rides

"This is a wonderful example of how ambition, the strive and obligation for quality and end customer satisfaction, come together, driven by the need for improvement, know-how, peak technology and the need for new means of efficient and clean transportation".

Stefan Ytterborn, CEO & founder at CAKE

This is the

Dometic Food Delivery Box

A professional delivery solution for restaurants and food delivery companies

  • Heavy duty construction – made to perform in tough outdoor conditions.
  • Active heating/or cooling – keep food at ideal temperature.
  • Food safety – guarantee the hot or cold chain respecting HACCP regulations.
  • No odor transfer – an air purifier cleans the air in the compartment and reduces odor transfer between deliveries.

Mobile high-precision cooling and heating with large loading capacity

  • Flexible inner compartment – deliver food at different temperatures thanks to flexible shelving which also give protection from the bumpy ride.
  • Power supply – connect directly through a 12v cable or ride independently with the integrated battery pack.
  • Full capacity – capacity for 4 large delivery bags or 10 pizza boxes.
  • Branding – easy to brand the exterior with your company logo.
  • Lock – lock the compartment to protect the food from theft while away.

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