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Dometic M65-700 Bonus Pack

All-in-one marine toilet (white, plastic seat) bonus pack with holding tank treatment and toilet tissue

The Dometic M65-700 marine gravity toilet bonus pack includes the innovative 6.5 gallon M65-700 toilet, two bottles of four oz. MAX Control – Natural holding tank treatment, and one roll of ultra-soft quick dissolving 2 ply toilet tissue. By including the MAX Control-Natural holding tank treatment and toilet tissue with the M65-700 toilet, you’ll receive everything you need in one package to stay on the water longer. The M65-700’s 17.25 inch seat height is a shorter compact solution for boaters who have smaller head spaces.

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Dometic's 6.5 gal M65-700 Gravity Toilet
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Dometic's 6.5 gal M65-700 Gravity Toilet

The Dometic M65-700 marine toilet is a complete toilet and holding tank system in one package. This Type III MSD has a 6.5 gal. (24.6 l) tank and makes a great replacement for permanently installed portable toilets. A ceramic bowl, standard plastic seat, and fully recyclable high-strength ABS tank provide a premium feel while using less than a pint of water for each flush. The dip tube and vent kit aid an easy installation by rotating over 270º, providing simple connections to your hoses with no gluing required.

Two bottles of MAX Control – Natural tank treatment
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Two bottles of MAX Control – Natural tank treatment

MAX Control – Natural tank treatment eliminates odors and effectively breaks down waste in your sanitation holding tank without the use of formaldehyde or bronopol. The fast-acting proprietary enzyme/bacteria formula enhances beneficial bacteria and will continue to work and benefit downstream systems like septic or municipal treatment facilities.

Dometic’s ultra-soft dissolving tissue
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Dometic’s ultra-soft dissolving tissue

Dometic’s ultra-soft 2 ply toilet tissue dissolves quickly and prevents clogs, making it ideal for mobile toilets in RVs and boats. Each roll contains 500 sheets. Made from 100% recycled fibers. Does not contain perfumes or dyes.


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