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Gold Series Air Handler Units

Redesigned for easier installation and improved performance. Featuring a rust-free composite drain pan, high-velocity blowers and flexible mounting options, this air handler incorporates innovative features for quiet, powerful performance.

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Optional EU package upgrades
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Optional EU package upgrades

Upgrades include improved insulation and wire loom, protective cover for water-tube hairpins, and more.

Optional DC "WhisperCool" blowers
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Optional DC "WhisperCool" blowers

Extremely quiet yet powerful.

Optional integrated Breathe Easy™ air purifier
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Optional integrated Breathe Easy™ air purifier

Stops odors and is up to 99.9 % effective in neutralizing contaminants in the air.

A sea-worthy product

A sea-worthy product

Completely redesigned for easier installation and improved performance, the chilled water air handler, recipient of an Honorable Mention at the 2012 International Boatbuilders Exhibition and Conference (IBEX), incorporates many innovative features, including an optional Breathe Easy™ air purifier. Its rust-free, anti-slosh, positive-flow drain pan quickly removes condensate water and a third drain hole can be employed to further increase drainage. Each drain hole is reinforced and has an external stop to prevent over tightening of the screw-in hose barb. For complete flexibility, each drain hole can accept either a straight or 90-degree hose barb. In addition, the vibration-isolation mounting hardware can be attached at a variety of locations along the perimeter of the drain pan and ensures a quieter performance.

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