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Dometic SeaStar I7800 Single

Dometic electronic control kit, single engine, available in multiple variants

Improve the performance and comfort of your boat with the i7800 electronic control system. Combining advanced electronics with over 50 years of mechanical engine control know-how, this control system is the perfect enhancement to nearly any boat/engine combination.

Sold in our dealer networkArt nr: 9610001407 (I7811)
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WARNINGCancer or Reproductive Harm

Electronics deliver precise control and comfort

Electronics deliver precise control and comfort

The smooth movement of the electronic controls enables much greater handling of the throttle and a fluid transition between gears. This translates into better control of the boat in all applications ranging from sport fishing and cruisers to commercial vessels. You will find it hard to go back to mechanical controls after the smooth and reliable response you get from the i7800 electronic controls. Regardless of the type of engine and drive, i7800 can provide precise control and comfort for your boating application.

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