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Dometic Adaptive Trim Tab System

Actuator, 2.25" stroke, regular, CA1000

Sophisticated design provides position feedback and complete integration with our Optimus 360 and EPS steering Systems.

Sold in our dealer networkArt nr: 9600027311 (CA1000)

Solid Actuator shaft design provides exceptional strength

LEDs that accurately indicate the position of the trim tab

Safe mode, will auto-retract if communication is lost

Higher load carrying ability in both push and pull applications

Custom tabs available

CAN-based actuator with positional accuracy and repeatability

Links with Optimus Joystick, EPS steering and shift & throttle controls

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Actuator Adaptive

Product Description

Actuator, 2.25" stroke, regular, CA1000

Publication Legacy Item Number


Dimensions product height, ["]

11 1/2

Dimensions product width, ["]

2 1/2

Input voltage (DC), [V]


IP class



WARNINGCancer or Reproductive Harm

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